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The "Monster Within" 3Leaf Werewolf Bead

The "Monster Within" 3Leaf Werewolf Bead

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  “You should be a Monster. An absolute Monster. And then you should learn how to control it.” -Jordan Peterson

  “We all hold a Monster inside. The only difference is what form it takes when freed.”-Mary Lindsey

  No one is immune to the Monster that lives within them. I’m not. Its something that you will eventually have to face: he’s a part of you. It’s necessity. I’ve had to become what was needed in order to come out on top, to protect my family, and to communicate to others where things go from “here”. So many times I’ve been proud of that monster. I’ve even literally applauded it on some occasions…

  But there’s been times when the Monster has come out when he wasn’t supposed to. Others have seen him when they ought not have. In fact, some should have never met him in the first place, or ever. In the moment, you don’t realize that it’s him who’s acting, speaking, or doing the thinking for you. It’s not until after he’s been caged that you realize what has happened; what form you’ve taken. You sit back alone, and you try to replay the situation. Over and over, you tell yourself that the Monster was justified in his actions… but you soon realize that that is just the Monster speaking. The real you knows the truth.

  Hate him or love him, the Monster is inside you. How you control it is the true measure of self control. In this world, YOU NEED HIM. But wisdom is knowing when to allow him out. You’ll find that most of your life’s events aren’t worthy of introducing him into the situation.

  Though he never sleeps, let him rest. You never know when you’ll need him, or what he’ll do…

  * Due to the casting process and hand finished aspect of this product, beads may vary slightly from piece to piece.
  • Professionally cast from solid brass
  • 360 degree detail
  • "Monster Within" Werewolf head with OG 3Leaf Logo on back
  • Fits dual strands of 550 paracord
  • Hand finished
  • Made in USA
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