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Solid Brass Tree of Life (CNC version)

Solid Brass Tree of Life (CNC version)

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The "Tree of Life" has been one of the most sought after designs that I make; so much so, that I had to start offering a CNC version to offset my ability to get custom pieces out in the wild. 

  The CNC Tree of Life was designed directly after a handmade ToL that I created for myself back in 2022 (yes, it took that long to create myself an updated version ;-) ). My ToL is not a "new" design in itself; in fact it is based off of the well known "Lincoln" or "T-Handle" that has been around for well over a century, if not more. What makes mine different from the classic design, is that I bring you a piece that consists of multiple radius' that flow throughout the piece. This adds a not only a beautiful aesthetic, but a pleasing and more natural grasp.

  Precision machined from a high quality solid brass, you'll find that all outer edges have been given a "fillet" (contouring in the machining world). This helps remove hotspots that may normally be encountered with designs that lack this addition. Each finger stall is based off of an industry standard 1" opening, but my design goes a bit further by featuring an elliptical shape to provide a wider floor and ceiling to the stall. This allows the tissues of the users fingers to naturally spread as pressure is applied (when making a tight grip). As with a handmade piece, the finger stalls have a contouring that literally seats the fingers. If all of that wasn't enough, each finger stall partition has been given a "gully" to enable the fingers to come as close together as possible, making for a more anatomically correct grasp when held... or on contact.

  The Trees have been deeply engraved with my OG (original logo) on both sides the 2024 year marking (3Leaf Lantern Flame). And... for this run, I included my special "3Leaf Customs- Never Rely on Luck" marking, that is usually reserved for limited pieces!

  Each Tree of Life has been given some form of a stonewash with the addition of some extra "media" to create micro-divots over the entire piece. While remaining smooth to the touch, the micro-divots create not only a beautiful look and texture, but will enable your ToL to wear uniquely. Please note: while each piece is CNC machined, they are still hand finished and oiled. Each piece will have slight variations.

  • Precision machined from high quality solid brass
  • 1st run of CNC ToL's
  • Based off of my personal handmade Tree of Life
  • Measures 2 5/8"H x 4 5/8"L (at outermost edges)
  • Weighs 8.7 oz
  • Consists of continual radius'
  • Made in USA
  * YOU (the buyer) are responsible for knowing your local laws and regulations. By purchasing, YOU acknowledge that 3Leaf Customs, LLC is not liable for any actions taken against YOU or ANOTHER in regards to the purchase, possession, or use of this ornament. Please be RESPONSIBLE.
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