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Scarred & Bruised- Std Thickness CNC Brass No Luck Charm

Scarred & Bruised- Std Thickness CNC Brass No Luck Charm

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  No Luck Charms were created to be a minimalistic carry; a backup to a backup. Though simple in design, the shape of the Charm allows the user to deploy it from a pocket in just about any orientation that it lay, employ it, and then reposition if needed. The rounded bottom coupled with the "hips" and finger insets, ensure a secure hold in a variety of different grasps- all while maintaining a relatively anatomical alignment.

  This "standard" thickness variation of the No Luck Charm comes in at 0.43", which is thicker than that of the "Low Pro" model. 

  These No Luck Charms have been hand stamped with my original logo on both sides, and the 2023 year stamp (Maltese Cross) on one side. These Charms have been hand "scarred" to give an appearance of true scarring of flesh. The "bruising" will give off a purple-to-black appearance depending on the light that you're in. 

  "Low Pro" and "Standard" No Luck Charms are precision milled on a CNC machine to very tight tolerances. Though these are cut by a machine, each piece is hand stamped, finished, inspected, and shipped by Anthony.

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