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5.27.24 NLC Lotto Tokens

5.27.24 NLC Lotto Tokens

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  As a maker, it gives me complete satisfaction in knowing that what I create makes others not only happy, but it has a genuine use to it. I am also very aware that what I create isn't always the easiest to obtain or even the most affordable... these NLC Tokens are one way for me to not only give you a chance at something extra, but an opportunity for me to give back to this community.

  No Luck Club Tokens will be made in runs with matching artwork for that specific run. In addition to having a logo or artwork on the front, the date made will be placed on the back. For every tag you purchase, your name will be placed into a container for a future drawing of something that I choose. That item may be a No Luck Charm, pack of Zipper Pulls, or possibly a Lantern, etc. In the end, you have a little collectors piece and a chance at winning something extra.

  Tokens are made from 1" diameter solid brass tags with a securement hole in the top middle. Each has been sandblasted, engraved, blackened, and stonewashed. Finishes on future runs may be different; you just have to see... THANK YOU FOR THE UNWAVERING SUPPORT. MUCH LOVE TO ALL OF YOU!

  • Each Token purchased is an entry into future lottos
  • 1" diameter solid brass tags
  • Collector pieces to represent YOUR brand
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