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Hurts Donuts- Pink w/Blue Night Vision Glow

Hurts Donuts- Pink w/Blue Night Vision Glow

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- I remember being a little boy and going to the donut shop with my Dad and brothers. Every Thursday before school, we would sit at the counter on the round swivel chairs. You could watch the baker making the donuts, and as a kid, there wasn't anything cooler... until now.

  Hurts Donuts were a concept by me after seeing various EDC makers doing donut related products. I wanted something to do something that represented me and my style. If you know me, pretty much anything I make has at least a two-fold purpose...

  As mentioned above, 3LC Hurts Donuts serve a few purposes. First; they're just cool. Not just the looks, but the feel! Secondly, they can be charged in any light and give off a pretty intense glow. This can help you in finding a keyhole in a low light situation, or identify your keys or gear should it be dropped. And third, Hurts Donuts are designed to be attached to a keychain, lanyard, or even serve as a standalone flail head. While being light enough to not weigh you down, they are heavy enough to help someone reconsider their current path... IYKYK

  There are two different sizes in this run of Hurts Donuts; Large and Small. The larger Donuts are made from 1" diameter solid brass rod or the stall of a larger custom piece, while the smaller come from the finger stalls of handmade No Luck Charms and ToL's. Each has been ground and carved by hand to resemble that of a Donut. The process differs from that of my handmade beads in that they I do my best to make them imperfect to keep with what you would expect from a real donut. The outer face of the Donuts have been engraved with my OG (original) logo on opposing sides, and the bottoms feature the 2024 year marking (Lantern Flame) and my Hurts Donuts logo (which may be covered due to the resin pour)

  The HD is topped with a vibrant Pink resin that has been impregnated with blue Identifire pigment. Along with the "frosting", each Donut has been garnished with synthetic sprinkles and then clear coated with another thin layer of resin! All Night Vision products that I make contain Identifire's proprietary pigments that are used the world over in the fire service. 3Leaf Customs, LLC is proud to be the only company outside of Identifire Safety, Inc that uses their pigments in products outside of their own.

* Note which option you choose. There is one small HD without sprinkles, and one with only one sprinkle.

  • Glows an intense Blue color
  • Solid brass "Donut"
  • Weighs approx 2oz
  • Handmade item
  • Identifire pigments (only found in Identifire Safety and 3Leaf Customs products)
  • Comes with two Hurts Donuts stickers
  • Comes with 950lb Technora Cord (stonger than Kevlar)
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