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OD Green Titanium No Luck Charm ( 1 1/8" stall- Large)

OD Green Titanium No Luck Charm ( 1 1/8" stall- Large)

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  No Luck Charms were created to be a minimal carry, and a backup to a backup... or a primary given the circumstances. The design of the Charm, though simple, allows the user to quickly deploy it from a pocket in whatever orientation it lay, employ it using any finger, and then reposition if needed. The shape of the NLC keeps the engaged finger slightly away from that of the others, while maintaining an anatomically correct alignment with the rest of the hand.

  This No Luck Charm was precision machined on a CNC from solid 6AV4L Titanium. The finger stall was cut at a 1 1/8" diameter. Both the body and stall of the NLC have been machined with a "fillet" (contouring) around the entirety to give a comfortable hold, and reduce any hotspots that might normally be encountered.

  All pieces from this run were ground freehand and then sandblasted. The side opposite of the Tritium and Lantern has my OG logo and the 2023 year marking (Maltese Cross). 

  The No Luck Charm was anodized to a beautiful olive color and then lightly stonewashed to add to the aesthetics. The engraved logos on the face opposite of the tritium have a very cool light olive shine to them.

  Some areas of adhesive "bleed" are noted at the areas where the tritium is installed. This does not affect function, and the tritium remains highly visible.

* Tritium is a rare and radioactive isotope of hydrogen. Due to it being a weak beta particle, it is not considered to pose a health risk unless ingested or inhaled. The Tritium vials that I have used were purchased directly from a reliable manufacturer and then installed with a military grade adhesive with protects the vials from damage. 

  • 1 1/8" finger stall
  • Precision machined from solid 6AV-4L Titanium
  • Commercially pure Tritium vials
  • Titanium is 40% stronger & lighter than steel
  • Limited run
  • Made in USA
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