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Imminent Danger (I.D.) Tags

Imminent Danger (I.D.) Tags

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  I.D. Tags were created to be a simple carry, and something that you can always have on you. It is a backup to a backup, or possibly a first line of defense depending on the situation. Use this as a keychain, attach to cordage and use as a flail head, or just carry it as a reminder for motivation.

  I do not put “hardcore” quotes or phrases on my work. What I do is put sayings that usually have a dual meaning to it. These can be a reminder and pick-me-up to push through a rough day, or mental push through the acute fight that you find yourself in.

 This style of Imminent Danger was handmade from 1/4” thick solid brass. Each Tag was sanded, edges slightly softened, sandblasted, blackened, and then stonewashed to a lustrous finish. The jump rings have sandblasted and finished in the same manner.

  One face of the tag features my original logo with text around it, the 2023 year marking (Maltese Cross), and serial number. The opposing face will feature either a saying, special/limited logo, or both. All pieces have Odie’s Oil applied to help preserve and richen the look. This is the first time that I.D. Tags have been created with many of these engravings.

  • Handmade from 1/4" thick solid brass
  • Limited engraving/marking
  • Weighs approx 1.3oz
  • Doubles as a flail head
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