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"Dementor" No Luck Charm (Kaotic Artworks Resin) CNC

"Dementor" No Luck Charm (Kaotic Artworks Resin) CNC

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  Here goes the last piece from a special block that I got from the talented Kaotic Artworks (Instagram). I've had this block for probably around 3 years, and have made one piece prior to this. As you know, no two pieces are ever the identical even though they come from the same block. 

  Kaotic Artworks is known for his ability to mix a mass amount of colors into one block without "mudding" them together, and you will find that this "Dementor" No Luck Charm is no exception. Touting a wide array of Purple to translucent black, the obvious vibrant pink, and a rose gold metal flake; all suspended into super clear cells. While you get a good idea of the color layout, you really don't fully appreciate it until you can look deeply into the piece for yourself. 

  This NLC was precision machined from a solid block of Kaotic resin, and is not only extremely lightweight, but super strong. Not sure what Justin (Kaotic) does to get the strengths that he does, but he gets them ;-) Both faces have been milled with my OG (original) logo, and a lanyard hole rests on the bottom hip for securement of a lanyard if you choose.

  This piece has been hand sanded on all the edges, with the faces being flattened and smoothed as well. The entirety of the Charm has been given a high polish that reflects light and shows off the depth of the colors. 

  • Kaotic Artworks Resin
  • Last of a limited block
  • 5/8" thick
  • 1" stall with ovaled floor to allow a more natural bend of the finger
  • Made in USA
  • Hand finished 
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