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Challenge Coin- Blade Show 2024 Edition

Challenge Coin- Blade Show 2024 Edition

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Challenge coins have a long history dating back to Roman times, but have become recognized as having a more modern meaning and purpose beginning in WW2. From that point on, these coins have been made for various reasons; whether to represent who you are, where you've been, what you've accomplished, and even a means to make a decision "at the flip of a coin". 

  I have been asked to do a run of challenge coins since I began this venture. Visiting the websites of multiple companies trying to decide on how many to order and what style, but never fully being satisfied with what the final result would be. As with anything that I do, I want what I put out to YOU to be something that is going to last not only your lifetime, but generations after that. There was only one way to ensure this... make them myself.

  Made of 100% solid brass, these coins are the epitome of what a challenge coin should be. Since this was a Blade Show special edition, the front face has my OG (original) logo and "Blade Show ATL 2024", while the opposing side features my Tree of Life illustration.

  Each coin has a reeded edge, meaning that it has the same indentations as the coins that we use on a daily basis for monetary purposes. The entirety of the coin has a good tactile feel due to the deep engravings and ribbing around the edges.

  These have been buffed to soften the engravings, double blackened, and then hand rubbed to an antiqued finish before applying Odie's Oil.

  Whether you carry this coin as a representation of the mindset that you live, or a tool to make a quick decision, the choice is up to you...

  There was supposed to be 4 to put up, but I'm keeping one ;)

  • Blade Show edition Solid brass coin
  • 3mm thick
  • Deep laser engraving
  • Hand finished
  • Comes in a clear coin case for protection
  • Made in USA
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