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3Leaf Customs

Blackbird Mfg & 3Leaf Customs Collab Pendant

Blackbird Mfg & 3Leaf Customs Collab Pendant

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  This pendant was scultped and then cast by Aaron at Blackbird Manufacturing back when I was trying to come up with an idea for a wedding gift for a buddy of mine. The idea was to have either a wearable pendant, or something that could be carried on a keychain. 

  The pendant is made from a "special" brass that Aaron uses for some of his work. Looking at the rear of the piece, you'll note that there is a piece of cast iron imbedded in the brass. This was actually a piece of a tattoo machine frame that was used for the theme of the pendant that we did for my buddy Mike of "Mike Miller Tattoos". 

  I cleaned the piece up by deeply engraving any impressions that were orignially cast, including adding my own texture to the entire body. All engraving was done freehand, along with the texturing, which gives it an almost hammered/stippled appearance. 

  My limited 3Leaf branded Skull, business name, and motto have been engraved deeply on the face of the pendant; enough to feel with the hand. All areas of the piece have been smoothed and "softened" to make it comfortable if the customer decides to wear it. 

  The piece was finished by double blackening it, hand rubbing it to a distressed finish, and then applying three clear coats to protect it, and prevent it from tarnishing the wearers skin.

  • Special blend of solid brass (Blkbrd Mfg mix)
  • Handmade in USA
  • Limited 3Leaf Customs Skull engraving
  • Wearable or carry as a keychain/flail
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